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EPMC Europe is your reliable partner for complete crane solutions. For more than 25 years, regardless of the brand or type of crane, we have been the ones to call on in both the mechanical and electrical fields for service and maintenance, (spare) parts and consultancy. Indeed, EPMC Europe stands for Electric, Parts, Maintenance and Consultancy.

With two branches, we provide our services in the largest port and industrial areas in the Netherlands and we are quick to arrive on the spot. EPMC Europe is characterised by its service mentality; the customer is at the centre of our attention. Customer orientation is a core value of our highly qualified staff who also have safety, quality and innovation in their genes. Our mechanics are at your behest for both your corrective and preventive maintenance. EPMC Europe’s engineers support both them and you in case of complex issues.

Within EPMC Europe, we are specialised in innovation and development. One example of this is the remote monitoring of your equipment to anticipate faults.
Reliability of supply is a core value for the Parts department. EPMC Europe can provide parts for every type of crane, even if a component can no longer be supplied by the manufacturer. EPMC Europe also supplies all components below the hook: from grapple to spreader to hoist sling.

The service department is available 24/7 for faults. But even for preventive maintenance EPMC Europe’s is the right door to knock on. We have a flexible, customer-focused approach and we think proactively along with you about a solution that is optimal for you. Quality and safety are paramount in this.

Finally, we can offer consultancy as one of our services. Our engineers can assist you with everything from writing a specification to the calculation of structures, feasibility and sustainability studies, project management and delivery of complex reconstruction or new construction of cranes. Translation of your wishes and independent, high-quality consultancy are what you can expect here.

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