Crane Inspection Services

The owner of a hoisting or lifting device (fixed crane, hoist or lifting gear) needs to ensure that it remains safe during its use. To ensure that, the owner has the legal obligation to do periodic checks, inspections, tests maintenance.

EPMC Europe is the recommended partner to perform this work. We carry out these inspections, tests and maintenance on all types of lifting equipment, regardless of brand and according to the latest NEN-EN standards and current AI-17 (Health and Safety Data Sheet).

EPMC Europe is certified to perform NEN3140-inspections.

The mechanics of EPMC Europe have been trained by Amtek, part of Aboma Keboma. They are tested annually for their inspections skills. In addition, a number of employees are certified to inspect ladders and to carry out the NEN3140 inspections. The inspected installations and devices are provided with the required inspections stickers and an official inspections report is drawn up. During the inspections, we conform to legal provisions. We not only built a long-term relationship with our customers, but also with our suppliers.

How does EPMC Europe approach their work?

Before starting we identify the risks and needs of your lifting Equipment and lifting devices, afterwards we make an appropriate offer that matches the service needs of your Equipment. If we carry out the work for you, we supply you with a comprehensive report that will be discussed and explained to you. Herein we indicate through priorities what is the status of safety of the components within the system. Safety First!

How can EPMC Europe also be at your service in the field of periodic inspections?

  • Ladders
  • Power/electric tools (according to NEN 3140)
  • Car lifts

Our sales managers are always available for any questions!