Engineering, Automation & Drives


Alongside design and support of complex projects, the department Engineering, Automation & Drives is constantly engaged in innovations and technologies that improve the reliability and efficiency of your cranes. With knowledge and innovations such as isPORTAL, with which we remotely monitor the maintenance status of your cranes, and the design and installation of systems for energy recovery, we contribute to a more efficient process, with associated cost savings.

This technology is applicable to all types of cranes. From overhead travelling crane to container crane. Consider also, for example, automated control systems which can operate the crane without an operator.

Innovation and development are central to this department. In particular, we are specialised in the turnkey conversion of (older) cranes for modern controllers and drives.

A second life for your crane can be very attractive because of:

  • Higher efficiency by replacing your Ward Leonard system or slip-ring armature motors with standard frequency regulated IEC squirrel-cage armature motors;
  • Energy recycling through the use of frequency regulators with Active Front End unit;
  • Reduced energy consumption through the use of the aforementioned components: energy savings of 10 to 15% are often achievable;
  • Optimal grapple control with automatic digging, slack rope correction and hoisting;
  • Replacement of the old relay technology with modern Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology;
  • Improving ergonomics of the crane operator’s workplace;
  • Possibilities for Remote service (remotely monitoring the (maintenance) status of the crane and assistance from the faults repair service during and outside office hours);
  • Standardisation of the parts used such as reduction gearboxes.

On request, we can perform a measurement and advise you on the possible efficiency, return on investment and potential savings.